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Treatment of thyroid nodules

Most of the nodules are not palpated by examination. The large part of them is small nodules, which are incidentally detected during ultrasonography.

There is no difference between large nodule and small nodule in terms of risk of cancer. Therefore, any identified nodule should be evaluated from the point of cancer risk. A thorough evaluation performed in this way prevents unnecessary thyroid surgeries.

After the thyroid nodules are examined, surgery is performed if cancer is suspected.  In addition, surgery is recommended if the thyroid nodules are disturbing the patient due to size or if they are causing toxic goitre. 

In cases of benign nodules, patient is followed up and kept under control.  Patient is followed up with annual ultrasonography and hormone analyses.

Thyroid hormone therapy has been widely used in the past years, however nowadays it is not used more than 6 months.

If the patient's hormone levels are normal, follow-up without medical treatment is more acceptable.