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The patient to be operated should tell his/her doctor about all continuously using medications for other reasons.  

It should be taken care not the get cold, influenza before surgery.  The patient should report any complaint to the doctor.  Hiding such a condition with the concern of postponing the surgery may cause very dangerous complications.

If a patient has herpes (HSV) before surgery, it is necessary to cancel the surgery.  Because herpes is viral infection and may cause viral contamination of blood in anaesthetized patients.

Patient should never stop the drugs used for thyroid disease thinking that "I'll have the surgery anyway". As a matter of fact, some drugs should be taken with very little water in the early hours of postoperative period. Patient is warned about that by doctor.

Patient stops eating and drinking the night before the surgery after 02.00 o'clock and undergo the surgery fasting.

Precautions are taken for patients with special conditions such as diabetes, and patient is informed about these precautions.

The preparation of patients using anticoagulant medication is more specific.  Aspirin should be stopped a week before surgery. Aspirin should never be used as a painkiller.

The medications of patients who use coumadin as a anticoagulant are stopped before surgery and anticoagulant injections are started. This protocol is arranged by consulting to Cardiology.

Allergic patients with allergies should tell their doctor to which they are allergic.  Additional tests can be performed if necessary.

Nailpolish of the fingers and toes and artificial teeth should be removed.

There should be no metal on the body (ring, earrings, necklace, etc.)