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PET (Positron Emission Tomography) ​

An imaging carried out with positron emission tomography (PET) devices; is a scintigraphic method using radionuclides that emits positron (positively charged electron) and thus displaying the whole body. It is an advanced technology combining scintigraphy and tomography. A contrast substance similar to glucose (sugar) is used.  Since there are many glucose (sugar) transporter molecules in the cancer tissue, the administered substance is accumulated in the cancerous tissue and images are obtained in this way.

PET is not a routine checkup examination.  It is used in special cases.

If there is an uptake of thyroid nodule in a PET scan performed for other reasons, biopsy should be performed because of the 30% cancer risk.

Ultrasound, tomography, MRI or whole-body scintigraphy scan is used if metastasis (spread) is suspected during follow-up after thyroid cancer surgeries.

The level of Tg used in the follow-up of thyroid cancer is high, PET scan is performed in cases in which no metastasis is visualized in scintigraphy or ultrasonography. 

Thyroid carcinoma uptake in the neck and lung metastases in PET