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Laser therapy for Hashimoto tyroiditis

Hashimoto's disease is a chronic autoimmune disease such as vitiligo, albinism and psoriasis etc. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the disease, it is possible to reduce the complaints related to it by laser treatment. Laser used in this procedure is thousand times less powerful then lasers used in surgery. It does not cause any pain, soreness or burning sensation. There is no needle use and the skin is not damaged. The laser reduces inflammation in the tissue, increases blood circulation and reduces the dosage of drug used. The most important effect is that the laser facilitates T3 (active thyroid hormone) to enter the cells and makes it easier for the patient to get rid of  complaints such as weight gain, weakness and  fatigue.

Laser treatment is done as 3 sessions and each session last 10 minutes. At the beginning of the first session of the laser treatment and after the last session, IV infusion of glutathione, a very powerful antioxidant, is made. Glutathione has no known side effects and IV glutathione infusion lasts 30 minutes. It is done under office settings without any indications of hospitalization and laser sessions are held every other day (i.e Monday-Wednesday-Friday).